Welcome to North Iowa Produce!

We specialize in nothing but Capons. Our birds are grown on specialty farms located in the rolling hills of northern Iowa.  If you've ever had a Capon here in the States, chances are it was one of ours since we supply over 90% of the birds consumed annually here in America.

North Iowa Farm Capon Farm

What is a Capon?

Capons are birds which are surgically castrated at an early age. Chickens caponized are typically more docile, less likely to fight and don't grow mean and tough. Consequently, their meat is less muscular and contains more fat. The end result is evident once your cooked bird is served. Simply put, our Capons are plumper, juicier and more flavorful compared to any commercially grown bird!

What makes our Capons so special?

Our Capon chickens live a much different life compared to mass produced birds which only live 6-8 weeks. For starters, our Capons live much longer. The average life of our birds is 9-12 months with many living a year or more. This allows them to grow much larger than commercially raised birds. We commonly raise Capons in the 7-9 lbs in size making them much larger than the average chicken you know.

Baby Capons

Our Capons aren't pumped full of growth hormones or antibiotics. Though carefully treated when young to insure they're free from disease, we don't pump them full of antibiotics as they grow. We try to use minimal amounts to insure they're healthy but we don't over do it. For food, our Capons get fed a high quality grade of corn with no growth hormones. That's right, no growth hormones!

Capons love corn!

Our Capons are free range. They aren't kept in tiny cages stacked to the ceiling with unsanitary living conditions like commercially raised birds. In fact, our capons are true floor birds with access to wide open fields, green grass and the type of "natural" environment which undoubtedly enables them to grow big, plump and tasty.